Laser Treatment for Tattoo Removal in Sydney and What are the Best Options Available.

Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic In Sydney

The studies suggest that nearly 14.5% of people in Australia have at least one tattoo on their bodies.  The same studies also suggested that 17% of those people regret having tattoos on their bodies. Those who regret having tattoos on their bodies often look for solutions to remove their tattoos completely. If you get to research on the Internet, you will find a number of treatments promising to remove tattoos. But how to find out the effectiveness of the different treatments and choose a one that can serve your needs? Well, we will be answering all the questions that might be popping into your head about the different tattoo removal methods available on the market.

Different Tattoo Removal Methods

Picosure Laser– PicoSure is the World’s first fastest and effective Picosecond laser. PicoSure Laser is a state of the art technology which is effective than other technologies available in the market.  Using this treatment, one can remove a tattoo easily, hence saving both the time and money. It is capable of removing a tattoo without injuring the surrounding skin. PicoSure is one such platform that can treat the full-color spectrum of tattoo inks.

Q-SwitchLaser- Q-switch is another commonly used treatment to remove unwanted tattoos.  It does not cause scarring and is an alternate option to surgical excision, which often leaves a large scar in place of the tattoo. However, it takes more sessions than Picosure Laser for the same size of tattoo and can be painful too.

Intense Pulsed Light- Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) directs a beam of light on the skin, which removes the top layer of the skin (epidermis). The treated area heals itself by producing new skin making the tattoo less noticeable.

Surgical Excision- Surgical excision is less common method than other treatments toremove a tattoo. Many individuals consider this method for removing their tattoos surgically. This treatment is usually beneficial for removing smaller tattoos. It is an extremely painful procedure and has a long recovery period.

Comparison of Various Tattoo Removal Treatments

To help you understand the difference between various tattoo removal treatments, refer the following table.

Treatment Technology What Tattoos can be removed? Downtime Duration of the Treatment Number of sessions Required Discomfort Level
PicoSure Laser It can treat the full color spectrum of tattoo inks. No downtime 25-60 Seconds 3-4 (Depends on the size of the tattoo) Minor
Q-Switch Laser Laser All types of tattoos No Downtime 12-15 minutes 5-7 sessions Tolerable
IPL Laser Specific typeof tattoos 3-7 days 15-25 minutes 7-8 sessions Tolerable But cause scarring on the body
Surgical Excision Surgery All Types of tattoos can be removed 15-20 days or maybe more 1-2 hours (depends on the size of the tattoo) Single Extremely Painful and cause permanent scarring on the body


From the above-mentioned table, it would be clear to you that how PicoSure is a better option than other treatments available to remove tattoos. If you are regretting getting a tattoo, remove it completely with the help of PicoSure Laser treatment. It is the fastest Picosecond laser that can clear tattoos of any color or intensity from your body completely.

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