About Us - Skin Treatment Clinic

Bella Pelle Cosmetic Clinic is conveniently located in the most exclusive area of beauty, fashion, entertainment, and business in Sydney.

Our practice has been designed solely for the comfort of patients in a clinical environment, from warm approachable staff to state-of-the-art lasers and skin care technologies.

We offer a wide and diverse range of non-surgical face and body cosmetic and laser treatments and believe that the purpose of the skin treatment clinic is not only to improve your appearance but also to bring beneficial changes in your mental attitude and enhance your overall quality of life.

Our priority is to provide appropriate and relevant treatments that will enhance your overall persona, to have you looking and feeling your best. We want what is best for you and offer honest, genuine and professional advice.

At Bella Pelle, nothing is more important than your, our patient’s, safety and satisfaction.

Skin Treatment Clinic - Why Choose Us?


We are not only owned by medically qualified and fully registered staff. But we also use high-end scientific-based medical products and laser machines. This can assure you that the services at our skin treatment clinic are backed by academic evidence giving you authentic results.

The selection of the comprehensive range of laser and light-based systems which you will find in Belle Pelle was carefully made. Not just to offer a stunningly large collection of top-end devices. But to harmonise what they can all achieve when used in combination, because, at Belle Pelle, the combination is key.

We are fully aware that one laser cannot do everything, which is why we have a combination of wavelengths and a combination of modalities to ensure truly individualised treatment, tailor-made for each individual patient.


Every client and patient at Bella Pelle is special and important to us. We cater for your individual cosmetic requirements by devising specific protocols based on individual needs. And expectations enable us to offer you a personalised and customised treatment plan.

The range of lasers and light-based devices in Belle Pelle is one of the most comprehensive you will find anywhere. Coupled with the range of top-end products on the beauty side. There will always be a number of combination approaches we will be able to go over with you. So you can decide on your ideal skin treatment clinic.

But before we start on that together, and after your initial assessment interview. We will always explain the different procedures to you in detail including not only the anticipated results. But also the associated downtime if any, and what to expect during the healing process. We are very approachable and will facilitate your follow-up visits by staying in touch with you regularly after treatments.


Belle Pelle does not compromise on quality. We are proud to use the best and latest technologies in Skin Rejuvenation for you. Our skin treatment clinic laser brand, Cynosure and cosmetic product Range, Jan Marini Skin Research, need no introduction.

They are trusted and proudly used by the leading cosmetic doctors not only in Australia but also worldwide. Our staff stays updated with advances in the cosmetic industry with continuous professional development activities.



Crystal is the founder and the Clinical Director of Bella Pelle Cosmetic Clinic. She learnt extremely extensive services in many different areas of the hospital field as a registered nurse over the last 15 years. Including the operating theatre, and gained a broad background in the anatomy of the skin and its underlying structures.

Crystal is an internationally certified aesthetic specialist. Crystal has also studied at a number of recognised skin treatment courses. Including chemical peels and micro-needling with and without radiofrequency, backed up by hands-on mentored sessions in a variety of cosmetic practices. She has also attended several courses on the use of advanced cosmeceuticals of all kinds. Giving her a thorough grounding in the beauty side of the skin care clinic world.

Certified Laser Specialist

Crystal is a Certified Laser Specialist. Perhaps it’s true to say that light-based and energy-based cosmetics. And aesthetic medicine has, above all other approaches, captured Crystal’s attention and fired up her passion for patient skin care. Accordingly, in the buildup to getting Bella Pelle Cosmetic Clinic off the concept, and drawing board stage and into bricks and mortar.

She has undergone training and certification in Australia on Cynosure systems and has acquired no less than five lasers. And one IPL system which forms the backbone of the veritable “fleet” of devices now in her clinic. To increase her practical skills with these systems, especially as regards treatments of Asian Skin, she travelled to Korea.

Recognised now as the top cosmetic and aesthetic hub in the world. And spent some weeks in hands-on sessions with the Cynosure lasers. At several top dermatologists’ clinics in Seoul and environs with resulting certification. She added a HEALITE LED system and Mark•Vu skin analysis device to her fast-growing armamentarium.

And once again, to maximise the use and benefit of the system to her clients. She travelled to Korea to train on both systems with the manufacturers. The clinic encompasses not only one of the largest line-ups of top-of-the-line lasers and light-based devices in Sydney, but it will also be one of the best experiences you could hope for.

Crystal would just like to thank you for reading about her, and the skin treatment clinic, and she is incredibly excited by the challenge. She really hopes that you will become one of those satisfied clients who will enjoy her personal touch.