The Advanced RF (Radiofrequency) Microneedling - Skin Resurfacing & Skin Tightening Treatment

It’s Not Your Regular Microneedling, but it is a powerful, next-generation micro-needling system. Using incredibly precise, gold-tipped needles, an advanced motor. And an advanced software algorithm, the Vivace system provides a powerful boost to your natural skin.

Vivace is a non-surgical alternative to a facelift. That provides a holistic method of maximizing aesthetic results while avoiding patient discomfort.

Vivace is fast, efficient and pain-free. Making it perfect for women who are always on the go to restore their youthful appearance but wish to avoid surgery.

The Vivace is FDA-cleared and TGA listed and is positioned as the best-in-class micro-needling device combined with radiofrequency. To deliver an incomparable patient experience for Resurfacing, Tightening & Contouring the face, neck and body.

Skin Resurfacing Tightening Treatment
Skin Resurfacing Tightening Treatment

What are the benefits of Vivace Skin Tightening Treatment?

As opposed to micro-needling rollers and pens that can lead to tearing of the skin, pain and variable patient results. Vivace’s needle set contains 36 insulated gold-tipped needles ready to deliver results at three levels of penetration.

The precision of the device ensures clean and open channels in the skin tightening treatment that remain open for four to six hours. These channels provide the opportunity for the application of growth factor and peptide serums. Which works to optimise and accelerate recovery and healing.

Skin Resurfacing Tightening Treatment

CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy) by Microneedling multi-level RF

When applied to the skin, under topical anaesthesia, sterile microneedles are used to create microscopic channels. Deep into the dermis of the skin tightening treatment can stay open for up to four to six hours. This stimulates an individual’s own body to produce new collagen. The precise delivery of RF energy to 31 varying depths of penetration gives the Vivace exceptional outcomes.

WHM (Wound Healing Mechanisms) by multi-level RF energy

The Vivace microneedles are insulated except for the end point (0.4mm). Microneedle electrodes deliver bi-polar energy deep into the dermis without damaging the epidermis. Minimally invasive RF thermal energy creates fractional electrocoagulation in the dermis which facilitates a natural wound-healing process. WHM promotes the remodelling of collagen, elastin and wound contraction, which enhances skin tightening treatment laxity.

Skin Tightening Treatment - LED (Light Emitting Diode)

Pulses of light activate skin cells to increase collagen product and moisture levels in the skin, to improve skin tone and texture.

Skin Resurfacing And Skin Tightening Treatment - Before & After Pictures

Skin Tightening Treatment FAQs

Vivace is a skin rejuvenation treatment that uses a combination of micro-needling and radiofrequency (RF) energy to stimulate collagen and elastin production. The minimally invasive treatment can help make your skin firmer, tighter, and smoother. It addresses concerns like facial wrinkles and fine lines, acne scars, large pores, and uneven skin tone and texture.

Radiofrequency provides heat that stimulates collagen production which has been found to lead to a reduction in fine lines. And wrinkles for younger-looking skin. Combined with state-of-the-art micro-needling, patients have experienced optimal results.

Vivace’s new 3D Precision treatment protocol uses a layered treatment technique. That further optimises the clinical outcomes and patient experience. Making the Vivace RF Microneedling procedure one of the fastest-growing minimally invasive skin treatments.

Vivace 3D Precision delivers optimal energy to multiple layers of the skin without compromising patient comfort and experience. And only Vivace is designed to deliver this treatment. The robotically controlled handpiece allows a provider to deliver energy at exact depths. And deliver the highest available radiofrequency tightening benefits at precise depths.

It tightens skin better than other micro-needling options. While micro-needling already helps firm skin texture, the addition of RF energy takes skin tightening to another level. That means Vivace is an excellent, downtime-free option to tighten mild jowling or sagging skin around the eyelids, cheeks, or neck.

Your skin may look smoother and brighter within hours of your treatment. But significant results rely on your body’s natural production of collagen, which takes several weeks.

Your skin tone, texture, and overall appearance will continue to improve for up to six weeks with each treatment. You’ll see the best results about six months after beginning Vivace.

Yes, it tightens the skin. Because it spurs collagen production. Microneedling with Vivace helps tighten the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, jowls and loose skin.

All of the energy is concentrated in smaller isolated areas. Achieving higher temperatures and better tissue coagulation, delivering the highest available radiofrequency tightening benefits for all skin types.

Increased skin resurfacing & remodelling (tightening and toning) by targeting specific layers of the epidermis and dermis. With insulated needles that are suitable for all skin types.
Whilst results can be seen post-treatment. Improvement in the appearance of wrinkles, skin tone and texture will continue for the next three months. As the process of collagen regeneration increases over time.

Whereas lasers and chemical peels are often too abrasive for darker skin tones and sensitive skin. Vivace micro needling is gentle and safe for all skin types. It works by triggering the body’s natural wound-healing response. Rather than delivering heat or applying chemicals that can be problematic for some individuals.

The total treatment takes about 45 minutes on the face, with an additional 30 minutes needed for numbing cream.

Extremely minimal discomfort if any… and this is coming from a major pain baby! They apply a numbing cream for about 20 minutes prior to treatment, so you barely feel a thing.
Very little to no indication of downtime.

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