What is Aqua Facial?

Aqua Facial is a skin care system that we offer in the heart of Sydney CBD. In this facial tratment we use specialized tip to exfoliate, pore cleanse, and also penetrate the differentiated premium solution into skin by using the principle of electroporation that it will make the skin clear and clean.

Aqua Facial Sydney is skin control system that works in 3 steps to dissolves impurities and other causes of skin problem then supplies nourishing and moisturizing properties to skin, resulting in reduced pore size and healthier skin.

What are the benefits of Aqua Peel Facial ?

How Does Aqua Facial Work?

The tip exfoliates dead skin and impurities by the strong and safe vacuum pressure which maximizes solution absorption effect resulting in much smoother skin and tone.
Solution is emitted from the central aperture and spread along the solution path while in contact with the skin, dissolving impurities then exits through the waste inlet port.

Is it safe?
How long does it tatke?

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Technologies Used

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