Review by ‘Lily not Louise’

Best Laser Skin Treatment Clinic for Men and Women


My second time at Bella Pelle was as pleasant as my first, I had previously had my Picosure Treatment at Bella Pelle and was amazed by the results. My skin looked beautifully clear and my long term freckles were all zapped off. Crystal did an incredible job and explained the process to me really well.

I recently visited Crystal again and received an Aqua Peel and Toning/Cleansing Exfoliation Treatment. It was exciting because Crystal always invest in the best high quality expert machines and the best treatment products.


Treat acne (Hydrabeauty gets rid of P. acne bacteria)
Reduce Demodex Mites (these mites live in the skin by eating sebum, they are weak against acid. Hydrabeauty controls the propagation of these  parasites)
Improve texture
Sebum Removal
White head
Black head (Hydrabeauty treatment can remove particles blocking pores with ease)

My skin (without makeup) was cleansed again by Crystal, following this the exfoliation begun, my blackheads, white heads, sebum and acne bacteria were sucked out using the little device (above). A different head is used for smaller areas area my nose.

The next step Crystal completed was H2Toning, Crystal used a normal skin mixture for my skin, this step calms my skin and will provide anti ageing benefits.

Crystal then applied JanMarini Hydration Mask onto my skin – this is the a premium mask! If you’ve had an intensive facial you may remember the powder your beauty therapist would mix with water – that’s the cheap stuff!

Crystal always offers a full package in a treatment, as a result, the final step to this treatment is LED Heatlite Light therapy for skin rejuvenation. by stimulating collagen and boost blood flow.

LED Light Therapy