Treat the Symptoms of Broken Capillaries & Rosacea

Treatment Broken Capillaries

Treat the Symptoms of Broken Capillaries & Rosacea with The Cynosure ICON MAX G IPL Treatment

Rosacea is a common skin disease that typically affects the face. It causes redness on the face across the cheeks, nose or forehead.  In some cases, the redness is also accompanied by red bumps, pustules, burning or stinging sensations or superficial blood vessels appearing on the face.  On the other hand, broken capillaries, also known as Telangiectasia is a condition that causes the appearance of red or purple lines disrupting your flawless complexion. It is often seen that people who have broken capillaries do not necessarily have Rosacea but generally people who have Rosacea do have broken capillaries.  The causes of both skin conditions are unknown, but they are believed to be caused due to the combination of heredity and environmental factors.

Treatments for Rosacea and Broken Capillaries

Medically speaking there is no cure for broken capillaries and rosacea but there are certain treatments available that can help you alleviate some or most of the symptoms. Mentioned below are several treatments that are widely used by individuals to treat these conditions.

The Cynosure ICON MAX G IPL Treatment – The ICON MaxG Optimized Light is an excellent solution that comes with various features such as Dynamic Spectrum ShiftingSM, smooth pulsesSM technology and dual-band filters. ICON MaxG evenly distributes the heat across the entire diameter of larger vessels and clears enlarged vessels, vascular lesions and pigmented lesions. MaxG offers superior vessel and pigment clearance than single-wavelength lasers. And now the 4mm small spot adaptor accessory is available for treating small vessels on darker skin types.

Facial Peels-Medical grade facial peels are widely used to calm skin and reduce skin irritation. Milder facial peels promote a clearer complexion.

Facials– A series of facials can help you reduce the redness on the face leaving your skin less reactive and more nourished.  A variety of calming botanicals are used to strengthen your skin and treat the symptoms of broken capillaries and rosacea.

Blue Light Therapy-Another treatment that is used to reduce the vascular components of rosacea, redness and broken capillaries is- blue light therapy. Blue light stimulates the skin tissues, leading to improved skin elasticity and tone. This treatment boosts blood circulation and improves the appearance, texture and tone of the skin.

Advantages of The Cynosure ICON MaxG IPL Over Other Treatments

  • MAXG IPL offers fast and easy removal of spider veins and broken vessels
  • It promotes a clearer complexion in just several minutes
  • You will be able to visible reduction of spider veins, broken capillaries and thread veins after the treatment
  • Unlike other treatments, MAXG IPL offers rapid recovery with no downtime
  • MAG treatment can be used on all areas of the face and body
  • Not everyone is suitable for chemical peels, facials or blue light therapy. A full skin consultation is needed to assess the suitability of the candidate. However, MAG IPL is a safe treatment for all skin types.


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