Cosmeceutical Products

Good skin quality is something most of us seek, but having been so frequently disappointed by empty promises, have given up hope of finding. Texture and luminosity are the most important visual components of great and beautiful skin, and no amount of plumping or tightening will bring these about without a beneficial skincare regime.

Managing your skin over a lifetime requires products appropriate for your age, and the types of correction you’d like to achieve. They should actively improve the health and function of skin cells with each application.

A combination of beneficial ingredients which work synergistically to enhance the appearance of skin cannot be formulated in high enough concentrations in a single product. Jan Marini recommends a layering method whereby ingredients with different benefits are combined on application to the skin. This potentialtes their action and improves bioavailability.


Step 1: Cleanse
Step 2: Rejuvenate
Step 3: Resurface
Step 4: Hydrate
Step 5: Protect
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