Get Smooth Skin by Treating Large Pores with Laser Treatment

Hisu Lee

Pores are generally present all over the body. They are hair follicle openings which serve as the escape route for perspiration and other body toxins. Open pores or enlarged pores are caused due to various reasons and are very frustrating for many people. Large pores are more noticeable when makeup is applied and are prone to forming blackheads and acne.

What Leads to the formation of Large Pores?

Gender– It is generally seen that men have larger pores than women. However, various factors such as menstruation, puberty and pregnancy can enhance the appearance of pores in women as well.

Sun Damage– Excessive exposure to the sunlight can make your pores appear larger. Apart from enlarged pores, sun damage can also result in thickening of your skin, shrinking the tissues beneath your skin, and reducing your skin’s collagen.

Oily Skin– If you have oily skin, you will have enlarged pores. With the excessive production of oil, dead skin cells, dirt and grime get collected in your pores, which make your pores look bigger than the normal.

Genetics- Another reason responsible for the occurrence of large pores is genetics. You are likely to have large pores on your face, if someone else in your family has.

Those were some of the common reasons that could lead to the formation of large pores on your face.  But the good news is, there are various treatments available that can help you reduce the size of your pores and make your skin flawless and smooth.

Options Available to Treat Large Pores

The laser treatment uses short pulses of micro-fine laser light to penetrate into the deeper sub-layers of your skin. It gently removes any damaged tissues and replaces it with new collagen to make your skin appear younger and smoother.  The laser treatment is a non-invasive treatment that causes minimal discomfort to your skin.

The science and technology has advanced so much that treating surgical/acne scars or large pores are easier than you think.  The laser scar removal treatment is based on powerful technology to reduce the size and appearance of scars without harming the surrounding skin. In just several treatments, you will notice a significant improvement in the size of your pores making them look much relaxed and smoother.

Working of Laser Treatment

Laser treatment emits short pulses of micro fine laser light on the skin which reaches into the deeper sub-layers of the skin to treat the support structure. With the help of body’s natural healing process, the older and damaged tissues will be removed, hence rebuilding it with fresh, collagen and elastin. Laser treatment is a simple and fast procedure and requires no-downtime.

Merits of Laser Treatment for Treating Large Pores

  • Quick and non-invasive treatment
  • Excellent Results
  • Little to no-downtime
  • Minimal discomfort

That was how laser treatment can be done to treat large pores. If you are looking to get the treatment done and reveal younger and smoother looking skin, get in touch with the experts at . The professionals at Bella Pelle Cosmetic Clinic uses state-of-the-art lasers and skin care technologies that can help you improve your appearance and also bring positive changes in your overall quality of life and mental attitude.

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