Bid Adieu to Regretful Tattoo with PicoSure- The World’s Fastest Picosecond Laser


Do you want to remove your tattoo in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of pain? Well, if this is your case, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will be explaining to you some of the best treatments that can help you get rid of tattoos permanently.

When you first got a tattoo inked on your body, it must have symbolized something very important to you. You must have got a tattoo of someone’s name, quote or a favorite design. However, there are a number of reasons tattoos can go wrong. You might have cut tied with that special one or the favorite quote or design you inked is no longer your favorite. Whatever your reasons for seeking tattoo removal services in Sydney are, we are here to help you discover the best ways that can help you get your permanent tattoo removed.

What Makes PicoSure Stand Out From Other Tattoo Removal Methods?

PicoSure is recognized as the fastest and most effective laser tattoo removal method in the world. It is capable of removing tattoos up to 75% faster than traditional Nd:YAG lasers.  Picosure laser results in greater disruption of the targeted area for better clearance and without injuring the surrounding skin.  It is also capable of removing stubborn blue, green and previously treated tattoos.

Picosure is the latest innovation in the tattoo removal industry. It uses picosecond technology to remove tattoos in the shortest timespan. It is officially the fastest tattoo removal method in the world. PicoSure causes thorough ink particle destruction and can even clear resistant tattoos that have stopped fading in response to other laser treatments.

How is PicoSure Better than Other Laser Types?                 

Traditional laser tattoo removal machines heat the ink in your tattoo, hence breaking the tattoo into small pieces. The tiny particles of the ink are then disposed of by your body. PicoSure delivers ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy into the skin to target the ink particles while avoiding unmarked tissue. PressureWave technology shatters the ink into dust-like particles which are easily eliminated by the body.  It results in the clearer skin with fewer treatments.

Advantages of PicoSure Treatment

  • Effective for blue and green colored ink
  • Faster Laser pulse
  • Reduced side-effects
  • 75% greater clearance of the tattoo after one treatment
  • Thorough ink particle destruction
  • Removes tattoos that have stopped fading in response to other treatments
  • Fewer treatments are required as compared to traditional lasers

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Those were some of the major advantages of using PicoSure as a treatment to remove tattoos permanently.  If you want to get rid of a tattoo permanently, get in touch with the experts at-  They offer a wide range of face and body cosmetic treatments that can improve the quality of your life.   The experts at Belle Pelle Cosmetic Clinic will offer you the right guidance, advice and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.  Visit the website today to book an appointment.


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