Tattoo Removal – 5 Techniques to Cleanse your Inked Regrets


Rightly said, “Impulsive actions lead to trouble.” Getting a tattoo is one decision that can cause
you critical consequences later in life. If you’ve already landed yourself in trouble, and are
wandering around for a suitable tattoo removal method, congratulations! Your quest will end
Gone are the days when tattoo removal was simply impossible. With the constant
advancement in the technology, several techniques to get rid of that inked art are available
now. These techniques are not only reliable but offer instant result too.
So, if you have got a tattoo that you wish to remove completely, consider the below discussed
options and pick the one that fits you the best.
Laser Removal
Although an expensive alternative, laser technique is presently one of the most reliable tattoo
removal methods. The process works by penetrating into the tattoo ink through highly
concentrated light pulses that break the ink into minute fragments. In the course of time, these
fragments are removed by your immune system. This method is time-consuming as you might
need to take multiple sessions.
Note: This method is highly painful and cause skin blisters or scarring due to multiple
treatments. However, this depends on the skin specialists you choose.

It is the process of rubbing or scratching the skin with a diamond fraise or wire brush.
Dermabrasion is mostly used to treat deep pitted scars and signs of aging. However, doctors are
now considering it for tattoo removal also. This procedure works by removing a few layers of
the skin, much like a chemical peel. Hence, it is again a painful method and may result in

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy
This has been a popular technique to treat acne over the years. But now, it is being
prominently used as for tattoo fading. While the technique employs the same procedure as
that of the laser therapy, the type of light used differs entirely. If you have a brightly colored

tattoo, this is the idol remedy for you. However, multiple treatments are usually required to
achieve the best results.
Tattoo Removal Cream
One of the easiest and cheapest methods of tattoo removal! There are myriads of tattoo
removal creams available out there, both offline and online. Though the result of most of
these creams is same, they usually differ in terms of composition, price, side-effects and
treatment time. To choose from the long list, you can go with the reviews and feedback
available online on various websites, or consult your dermatologist.
Cover Up
This method is similar to covering-up dark spots or scars on your face using heavy make-up. If
you need a quick fix of your tattoo, you can consider covering up with a new one. This would
need you to look for an experienced tattoo artist who could play with your current tattoo and
modify it completely into something you love. List out the top artists and look at their portfolios
to ensure they can envisage the final outcome pertaining to your satisfaction.
While getting a tattoo removed is definitely possible these days, we recommend proper
research and consultation before making any decision.
At Bella Pelle we offer the latest technology by PicoSure. It can remove Tattoos upto 75% faster
than traditional ND:YAG laser can.


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