Skin Pigmentation- Causes and Treatment

Skin Pigmentation- Causes and Treatment

Pigmentation is the condition which causes the skin to get dark. Though it mainly occurs on the face, it can affect the entire body. It can occur in the form of small patches or can cover the large areas.

Talking about the reasons of pigmentation, it is caused when melanin is produced in excess. Melanin is a pigment produced by skin cells, known as melanocytes, which are responsible for giving colour to the skin. The different factors that can alter the melanin production in the body are hormonal imbalance, endocrine diseases, skin trauma and the side effects caused due to chemotherapy drugs.

How can the pigmentation be treated?

Skin pigmentation can be effectively treated with the laser treatment. And the effectiveness of the treatment depends on the layer of skin that is being treated. For an instance, when the laser treatment targets and treats pigmentation or melasma of epidermis layer only, the condition can re-emerge easily. On the contrary, if the dermis layer is also targeted and treated during the laser treatment, the treatment not only works quickly but its recurrence rate is also decreased.

Thus, in order to get the best and long-lasting results, 3 lasers are used together with the aim of targeting both the epidermis and dermis layer of the skin. The treatment is customized after analyzing the skin type of an individual and the extent of the pigmentation. In addition to the pigmentation, the other skin issues that are usually addressed during the treatment are red and brown spots, wrinkles, pores and porphyrins and UV spots.

One can expect a detailed consultation and complete skin care program while seeking treatment from the professionals like at Bella Pelle Cosmetic Clinic. Not only they offer a customized treatment after doing a free skin analysis but also recommend the products for keeping the skin healthier. They schedule follow-ups after the treatment in order to ensure proper healing of the skin.

So, those suffering from the problem of skin pigmentation should consult a reputed skin specialist in order to get the best treatment program customized for them. If you are looking for a reputed cosmetic clinic in Sydney that you can rely on for the desired results , you must visit and have a look at the cosmetic treatments they offer.




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