Submental fat, often referred to as a double chin, is very difficult to treat successfully.

SculpSure Submental, the new SculpSure attachment for treating double chins, brings hope to those patients who have tried many different approaches, and failed. Bella Pelle is proud to announce the first installation of this attachment in Australia! This brand new attachment uses the same proven noninvasive laser technology as the existing, well-proven SculpSure body contouring system and uses the same specific wavelengths and heat to eliminate fat cells with this ergonomically-designed attachment.

Using a proprietary and easily-fixed support system, the handpiece is attached snugly and comfortably under the chin. The parameters are set, and the laser energy gently targets the fat cells to rid the submental area of stubborn and unsightly fat.


SculpSure Submental treatment uses gentle proprietary laser technology to melt away stubborn fat under the chin. This laser treatment raises the temperature of fat cells while still keeping the surface of the skin cool, so the surrounding skin isn’t damaged. In the weeks following SculpSure laser treatment, treated fat cells are eliminated through your body’s natural processes. Laser double chin treatment is safe for most skin types and is more inclusive with the possibility of treating patients with a higher BMI than other treatment options.

The adipose tissue or fatty tissue under the chin, or anywhere else in the body, is made up of many specialised cells called liposomes: the word comes from the Greek lipos meaning fat and soma meaning a body of some kind, so liposomes are simply fat cells. They look like this, with fat occupying almost all of the cell

Here is a diagrammatic representation of a collection of liposomes between the skin and the underlying muscle, as they appear under the chin.

The SculpSure Submental applicator is applied to the skin, and with its carefully selected laser wavelengths, it gently heats up the fat cells to a specific temperature and maintains it for 25 minutes.

This increased temperature causes irreversible changes in many of the target cells, and they go into programmed gentle cell death, known as apoptosis. They will quietly start to fall to pieces from about 2 weeks to as long as 3 months after the final treatment, releasing their stored fat to be removed naturally by the body’s rubbish removal system, the macrophages.

Adipocytes have a fairly constant number in the body: when they die they are not immediately replaced so the volume of the treated adipose tissue decreases, and we see shrinkage and lifting. That is how SculpSure Neck, and the original SculpSure body tightening system, works to reduce fat, and to keep it off.


Each treatment to reduce a double chin lasts about 25 minutes. While patient experience may vary, the majority will require only two sessions spaced six weeks apart for best results, although some patients with stubborn submental fat may require more. Some side effects may include stinging and burning during the procedure and some bruising while healing, although this is not considered to be a painful procedure. Many people begin to see results six weeks following treatment, while it may take 12 weeks to reveal the best possible results. Since SculpSure is a noninvasive double chin treatment, you may return to your regular activities immediately, no downtime required.


The SculpSure Submental applicator received United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance in September 2017, as being safe and effective in the removal of submental fat. Unlike other systems, however, the clearance encompasses patients with a body mass index (BMI) of up to 43. .The FDA clearance was based on an extensive clinical trial which took place in three geographically separate major dermatological clinics in the USA.


  • Prospective study conducted at 3 study centers.
  • 57 subjects were divided into two groups:
  • BMI <30; BMI >30 (up to 43)
  • All but 5 subjects received 2 treatments approximately 6 weeks apart with SculpSure on the submental area for fat reduction.
  • Photos and ultrasounds were taken before treatment and at 12 weeks post last treatment.
  • Photos were evaluated by 3 board certified dermatologists independent of the study.

The results were excellent, with a satisfaction rate of 100%, and no unwanted side effects. The treatment was proven effective on patients with a body mass index (BMI) up to 43, while competitor products in the noninvasive arena are FDA-cleared only to treat patients with a BMI up to 30

Dr Lawrence Bass of the Blass Plastic Surgery Group in New York, one of the principal investigators in the study, said; “Most patients in the 57-person clinical trial received two brief treatments 6 weeks apart. With the short treatment time, 100% satisfaction rate, and dramatic contour reductions typically seen in the study, the patients gave SculpSure the edge as the treatment of choice for the submental area.”

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It’s derived from the Latin word for chin, which is mentum, and the Latin word sub means under. So submental simply means “under the chin”.

It’s multifactorial, including your genes, your lifestyle and simple aging.  Your genes and intrinsic and extrinsic ageing are beyond your control, but your lifestyle is very much something you can alter or fine tune, but very sadly, often exercise and dieting are simply not enough to stop fat developing under the chin. It’s precisely because of that reason that people (and clinicians) have been looking for the “magic key” to losing submental fat, and this SculpSure Submental applicator appears to be just that.

It is a quick 25-minute procedure in which the system technology cycles between heating and cooling to effectively reduce the fat cells. For the mechanism by which the cells are reduced, see the explanation above in the body of the SculpSure Submental page.

The applicators are completely different. The one for the chin was d specifically designed to fit under the chin with a curved surface to match that of the submental area. However, the safe and efficient technology is exactly the same.

It’s usually well-tolerated, but everyone is different. Think of a hot shower: what is too hot for some people is comfortable to others. SculpSure body and chin systems both use lasers to heat fat and destroy it.  As such, there will obviously be sensation of heat that may be uncomfortable to some.  The technology behind the system cycles the heat and the cooling so that the feeling os heat comes in waves and therefore is not constant in nature.

Absolutely, or the US FDA would never have approved it. The applicator was designed with safety of the patient in mind, to target the selected fat area without affecting nearby nerves and/or blood vessels.  During clinical trials (see the details in the page above the FAQ section) the temperature and the spread of heat were very carefully monitored to ensure the system’s safety and efficacy before being fully cleared by the FDA. This applicator has its own algorithm and doesn’t depend on the original SculpSure body system. For example, the timing between heating and cooling of the submental applicator is different between the timing of heating and cooling present in the body applicators.

In clinical trials, patients started to see a nice improvement with as little as one treatment.  With more treatments, there is less fat cells remaining and hence, it gives better profile appearance.  It is safe to say that consultation is always required to determine the best treatment modality and the number of treatments needed.  One should aim between 1-3 treatments.

In clinical trials, patients started to see a nice improvement with as little as one treatment.  With more treatments, there is less fat cells remaining and hence, it gives better profile appearance.  It is safe to say that consultation is always required to determine the best treatment modality and the number of treatments needed.  One should aim between 1-3 treatments.



You may certainly experience slight residual redness and some residual mild pain, but otherwise the skin is totally unmarked with no bruising, bleeding are abraded areas. The redness usually dissipates within an hour or so, therefore there is no need to wear a turtleneck on the day of the treatment, or bring a scarf to conceal your neck. We can offer a 14-minute session with the HEALITE LED-LLLT system, which will not only speed up the resolution of any redness and discomfort, but will also accelerate and enhance the final result.

It should certainly last as long as your original submental area remained fat-free before. Fat cells, adipocytes, have more or less a finite number. As they store more fat that hasn’t been used for energy by the body, they enlarge rather than dividing. So, when they’re gone, they’re gone. Of course depending on your genes, lifestyle et cetera, they may slowly come back, but then you will know how effective the SculpSure Submental system was, so just give us a call!

Sadly, not really  There is no exercise that specifically targets the neck muscles and you can’t fit your chin onto a treadmill, or make it lift weights!  Dieting and exercise affects your whole body and may result in desirable weight loss and body contouring, but it is still hard to target the fat which quietly and inexorably seems to gather under your chin. It’s a really good thing to lose, however, since trimming up the jawline is a fast track option to looking younger. SculpSure Submental is the way to go!

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