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HEALITE II 830 nm LLLT (with 590 nm photosequencing)
(14 min per treatment)


Promotes skin rejuvenation

Turns back the skin ageing clock
Improves skin texture
Smooths out fine lines and wrinkles
Helps to tighten skin
Potentiates the effects of creams and sera

Promotes wound healing

Increases blood flow to the tissue
Shortens recovery time
Decreases the risk of bruising
Improves any treatment results

Treats active acne (with 415 nm blue)

Progressively reduces lesion count
Continued improvement when treatment ends
Banishes inflammation
Reduces acne breakouts
Helps prevent acne scars

Treats rosacea

Calms down overactive blood vessels
Relieves any itching
Works well with acne rosacea

Attenuates pain and discomfort

Treats both acute and chronic pain types
Alleviates muscle and joint pain
Banishes stress headaches
Soothes stiff and aching joints

Recommended Protocols

Skin rejuvenation (with or without creams and/or sera): 8 treatments recommended, 2 per week, 2-3 days apart.
The skin is gently and thoroughly cleansed, and the first HEALITE treatment given. The recommended product can then be applied, with home applications as suggested by your specialist. After 2 or 3 days, the second session is given following cleansing. This is repeated for a further 3 weeks. Results have been proved to continue to improve without any further LED-LLLT for up to 12 weeks after the final session, and then it’s time for a top-up!

Rosacea: The same skin rejuvenation regimen as above is used, with the addition of further single weekly sessions after the 8th treatment session as required. Once removed, recurrence of rosacea after 839 nm LED-LLLT is uncommon.

Post-intervention applications: 830 nm LED-LLLT is ideal after any kind of intervention, whether it’s a mild dermabrasion and creams, Botox, injectables, IPL, fractional laser or any combination of these. We recommend one session 24 hours before you have any kind of our noninvasive interventions, then a treatment immediately afterwards, and again at 24 hours and 72 hours after. That is usually enough to have helped eliminate any mild discomfort and redness, and will accelerate and enhance the recovery process. Further twice-weekly sessions may be given to improve the result even further.

Pain attenuation: Two to three treatments per week is recommended. Three treatments per week for the first 2 weeks is best for chronic pain that has been with you for a long time. For acute pain, usually 2 to 6 sessions, twice weekly, will completely remove that pain, and if there is any swelling (oedema), that will resolve usually after the second session. If appropriate, daily sessions for acute pain will have excellent results. For chronic pain and deeper pain types, such as the shoulder, knee and lower back (lumbar) pain, 3 sessions for the first 2 weeks is followed by twice-weekly sessions as required. This can be tapered off to once weekly for maintenance. In chronic pain, you should be aware that there may be a very temporary increase in the pain level after the first few sessions, as the LED-LLLT is “winding back” the tissues associated with the chronic pain to an acute stage injury: this is then swiftly healed.

Note: Severe acute pain with swelling following trauma should be evaluated by a clinician, with X-ray imaging where appropriate, to rule out bone fractures before applying 830 nm LED-LLLT.

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