Get Rid of Stubborn Fat with Double Chin Reduction Treatment


A double chin is a common condition that occurs when a layer of fat gets deposited under your chin. A double chin is often linked to weight gain, but one does not need to be overweight to have one. Loose skin and genetics also play a vital role in causing a double chin. Removing fat under your chin is not easy though there are several methods and treatments available that can help you get rid of the fat cells.  In this blog, we will be explaining how you can get rid of double chin with SculpSure treatment and how it is better than other treatments available in the market. Before we delve into the details, let’s have a look at the major reasons that cause double chin.

What Causes Double Chin?

The major reasons that can be held for causing double chin are mentioned below:-

  • Weight Gain- Excessive eating of junk or fatty foods is likely to create fat deposits in the body. Just like any part of the body, the chin also tends to accumulate the fat deposits.
  • Genetics- Genetics and heredity traits also cause double chin. Genes are inherited from one generation to another; hence it is unavoidable by some people.
  • Posture- Certain kinds of head postures can cause the deposition of the fat cells under the chin. Let’s say for example that slumping posture will result in the accumulation of the fat cells below the chin area.
  • Facial Expressions- A certain type of facial expressions result in structural changes on your face.

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure is the world’s first FDA-cleared laser treatment which uses laser energy at a specific wavelength to target the fat cells below the chin area. This procedure is specially designed for submental fat and takes about 25 minutes to destroy fat cells without operating surgically. Results are often seen after one treatment, but for optimal results you may require more than one treatment depending upon your body shape & areas of concerns. SculpSure is used for the treatment of abdomen, flanks, back, inner and outer thighs.  It is an ideal treatment for those who are looking to get rid of the stubborn fat.

How is SculpSure better than Kybella Treatment?

Kybella is an injectable treatment that can destroy fat cells located under the chin.  This treatment targets stubborn fat cells.  Kybella injection is comprised of deoxycholic acid, which is already present in the body.  The reason why Sculpsure is better than Kybella treatment is because it does not cause redness, pain or bruising after the treatment which is quite common in Kybella Treatment.

Kybella Treatment is expensive as compared to SculpSure treatment and takes longer to show efficacy. The treatment can be quite uncomfortable for patients who have anxiety from injections or needles because it causes a significant amount of swelling and bruising after the treatment. Moreover, it requires more sessions than SculpSure to show the desired results.

To help customers understand the comparison between both the treatments, we have highlighted some of the major differences in the tabular form.


  SculpSure Treatment Kybella Treatment
Technology Sculpsure is the world’s first FDA cleared laser treatment to destroy fat cells. Kybella is an injectable treatment that destroys fat cells located under the chin.
Treatment Time SculpSure Treatment takes only 25 minutes to destroy a huge proportion of fat cells. Kybella treatment session takes between 15-20 minutes for a small proportion.
Sessions required You can get the desired results in just 1-3 treatments. You may require upto 6 sessions to get the desired outcome.
Downtime You can see the results immediately after the treatment. Several sessions may be required to see the desired results. Kybella treatment also causes pain, swelling and bruising.
Possible Side-effects None Discomfort, pain, swelling and bruising.

The Verdict

From the above-highlighted comparison, it is clear that Sculpsure is a better treatment than Kybella to get rid of the stubborn fat below your chin area. If you are looking for an effective treatment to get rid of the double chin, get in touch with the experts at Bella Pelle Cosmetic Clinic offers a range of non-surgical face and body treatments to improve the appearance of your skin. They offer their clients excellent services at highly affordable prices.


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